Diving with Red Snapper Diving

Diving from a boat

Who doesn't want this, diving from the boat? We take you on the road with our Red Snapper sloop and then sail to a beautiful dive spot where we go to the water from the boat.

We do this in collaboration with Red Snapper Diving!

Certified diving

Red Snapper Diving provides sport diving training according to the PADI system.

Every diving course is a special experience with them. An adventure in the wonderful underwater world! You can go to Red Snapper Diving for any training.

They only use materials and learning materials that meet the high PADI requirements. They provide diving courses throughout the year!

This allows you to book our diving boat trip throughout the year.

Discover the underwater world

No certification required!

Certified or not, you can go to Red Snapper Diving for a guided dive. If you do have a license but would like to dive under supervision, this is of course also possible.

We are all on the boat and the guide will take you to the most beautiful underwater dive spots. The advantage is that you can rent your entire diving equipment from them, so you don't have to take anything with you and everything fits on the boat!

Join us on an adventure

Diving from the boat

With the boat you can discover the most spectacular dive sites that cannot be reached from the shore.

Diving from a boat is fun, especially when you feel that you feel at home on it. It is nice to know what you are doing.

With this specialty you will learn, among other things, about the planning, organization, procedures and techniques needed to dive properly and safely from all types and sizes of boats.